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Hello, everyone!

I am Alexey Miloserdov. I am a security enthusiast. I learn about Linux, penetration testing, computer networks, wireless security, Bash programming. I write detailed manuals with examples of running tools. The full list of my articles is here. Also I have my own ideas and even tools. By the way, I created WiFi-autopwner, script to automate searching and auditing Wi-Fi networks with weak security.

I developed and maintain

In addition, I participate as volunteer in some open source projects (for example I participate as a translator to Russian in airgeddon).

I am from Russia, but last years I primary live in Southeast Asia. Therefore, my English is rather poor, but it does not much matter until my commands to run utilities are correct.

So… I just want to remind you, this blog needs your support! My articles are completely free for you, but I still have to pay hosting costs and buy hardware. You can donate any sum. I really appreciate your support. 

Thanks in advanced! Happy to see every one of you on the web site!

List of the donors. Folks, big thank you to everyone!

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