How to run Armitage in Arch Linux and BlackArch

How to install Armitage in Arch Linux/BlackArch

The Armitage program is present in the BlackArch repository, but without additional prepairing it will not run.

Start by installing Armitage in Arch Linux/BlackArch.

Installation in BlackArch:

sudo pacman -S armitage --needed

Installation in Arch Linux:

sudo pacman -S metasploit postgresql jdk10-openjdk --needed
wget "`curl -s | grep -E -o 'download/armitage[0-9]+.tgz'`" -O armitage.tgz
tar xvzf armitage.tgz
rm armitage.tgz

Configuring Metasploit and PostgreSQL

The required metasploit and postgresql packages will be installed as dependencies.

Metasploit requires a PostgreSQL database. Before starting the service for the first time you need to configure it:

sudo chown -R postgres:postgres /var/lib/postgres/
sudo -i -u postgres
initdb --locale $LANG -E UTF8 -D '/var/lib/postgres/data'
sudo systemctl start postgresql.service

Create a new user (for example, user) - when prompted, think up and enter a password for it:

sudo -u postgres createuser user -W

Create a database (for example, metasploit4):

sudo -u postgres createdb -O user metasploit4

Now log in to Metasploit:


and execute there:

db_connect user@metasploit4

Create the database.yml file in the .msf4 directory.

gedit ~/.msf4/database.yml

For example:

 adapter: postgresql
 database: metasploit4
 username: ${USER}
 password: ${PASS}
 host: localhost
 port: 5432
 pool: 5
 timeout: 5

In this file, you need to fill instead of ${USER} and ${PASS} a valid user name and password, which you created earlier for Postgres.

A file with user named ‘user’ and password ‘1’):

 adapter: postgresql
 database: metasploit4
 username: user
 password: 1
 host: localhost
 port: 5432
 pool: 5
 timeout: 5

Starting the msfrpcd service

msfrpcd is a user interface listens on a port and provides clients that connect to with an RPC interface to the Metasploit Framework.

Armitage checks if this service is started, and if the service is not already running, it starts it. Thus, you can skip this step, but to make sure that everything is fine and that there are no problems with msfrpcd, we will run it manually for the first time.

When you start msfrpcd, you must specify a user name (-U option) and a password (-P option). You can select any values, most importantly, remember them, as Armitage will need them to connect to this interface.

For example, as the user name, I chose msf, and as the password - 1234, then the command will be the following:

sudo msfrpcd -U msf -P 1234 -S

The following will be displayed:

[*] MSGRPC starting on (NO SSL):Msg...
[*] MSGRPC backgrounding at 2018-08-20 15:08:31 +0300...

There should be no errors.

Running Armitage

Now you can start the Armitage program.

We need to explicitly specify the value of the variable $MSF_DATABASE_CONFIG, this can be done with the command:

export MSF_DATABASE_CONFIG="`ls ~/.msf4/database.yml`"

Run Armitage in BlackArch:


To run in Arch Linux:

cd armitage/

Enter the username and password that you chose for msfrpcd:

Everything is ready, you can start hunting:

Subsequent Armitage launching

Starting PostgreSQL:

sudo systemctl start postgresql.service

In fact, you do not need to run msfrpcd. If the service is not already running, then Armitage will offer to start it. If you do not need any special settings for msfrpcd, then let Armitage launches it. That is, the next step is optional:

# sudo msfrpcd -U msf -P 1234 -S

Setting the value of a variable:

export MSF_DATABASE_CONFIG="`ls ~/.msf4/database.yml`"

Running Armitage:


All these commands can be assembled into one Bash script containing three lines and run with a double click.

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