How to install and run Tor Browser on Kali Linux

Tor Browser – is a web-browser using the Tor network. It has some extra features to enhance your anonymity and privacy.

The Tor network itself is designed to hide your original IP. It is also encrypt Internet traffic sending from/to your computer.

All in all Tor Browser:

  • hides your IP
  • does not save any account information (logins and passwords)
  • does not save your web history
  • has some extra tools to protect you from reveal.

Tor Browser is absent in Kali Linux repository. In addition, the Tor Browser default behavior does not let you run the program as root. Indeed, it is not a serious problem. This guide will show you the easy way to install and run Tor Browser in Kali Linux in super user account.

To make Tor Browser working on Kali Linux it is enough to run the script. The sctipt is formed as a single command line, so you can copy-paste it to your terminal windows. For 64-bit systems use:

temp="$(curl -s"; temp2=`echo "${temp}" | grep -E -o '[A-Za-z0-9/_.-]+_en-US.tar.xz' | tail -n 1`; wget -O tor-browser-linux64.tar.xz "$temp2"; tar xvfJ tor-browser-linux64.tar.xz; rm tor-browser-linux64.tar.xz; sudo mv tor-browser*/Browser/ /opt/; rm -rf tor-browser*;

For 32-bit systems use:

temp="$(curl -s"; temp2=`echo "${temp}" | grep -E -o '[A-Za-z0-9/_.-]+_en-US.tar.xz' | head -n 1`; wget -O tor-browser-linux32.tar.xz "$temp2"; tar xvfJ tor-browser-linux32.tar.xz; rm tor-browser-linux32.tar.xz; sudo mv tor-browser*/Browser/ /opt/; rm -rf tor-browser*;

I will explain what the script does. It downloads the last version of Tor Browser from the official web site (, unpacks the archive, moves the result to the proper directory, patches the launcher to make Tor Browser working from root and fixes the issue with permissions.

To start Tor Browser you can issue in Terminal:


Press “Connect” and wait for your system is connected to the Tor network.

Enter any URL you wish to surf with anonymity:

To verify your IP just visit

If you would like to change your current IP, select ‘Onion’ icon and ‘New Tor Circuit for this Site’.

It is not necessary to use command line to start Tor Browser. You can create a shortcut on your desktop. Use a text editor to create new text file:

gedit Desktop/Tor_Browser.desktop

Copy-paste to there:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Tor Browser
Exec=sh -c "/opt/Browser/start-tor-browser"

Save and close the file.

Double click the new shortcut and select ‘Mark as Trusted’:

Now you have the shortcut on your desktop:

Double click it to start Tor Browser.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    its working////thanks

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    IT is working for me thanks. I tried before from Youtube video but that was a long method. This one is simple and very quick.

    Many thanks again .

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    not working need to run x-windows ???

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    Not working.

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    Very good, simple and efficient. Thank you!

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    Thank you!!! For some reason the original line is not working.

  7. Anonymous says:

    i was try this code but still it is not working please help me to install tor browser

    my linux version 2017.1

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