How to install snap in Kali Linux


snap is another way to make package installation easier. In fact, the set of programs that can be installed using a snap is not particularly large, but there are quite exotic ones among them - for example, Skype is now officially distributed using snap. In the same place you can find Opera web browser and other programs.

As is the case with Docker, not to everyone needs snap. But if you need it in Kali Linux, then in this note I will show how to install a snap in Kali Linux.

For a concrete example, we will install both snap and opera-developer. Instead of a web browser, you can install, for example, Skype.

Install the snap, start and add the service to autoload:

sudo apt install snapd
sudo systemctl start snapd
sudo systemctl enable snapd

We also add apparmor to autoload (otherwise there will be an error):

systemctl start apparmor
systemctl enable apparmor

To ~/.bashrc file

gedit ~/.bashrc

add line

export PATH=$PATH:/snap/bin

For the changes to take effect:

source ~/.bashrc

Install the program itself (opera-developer):

sudo snap install --edge opera-developer

This web browser cannot work from root, so we run it with the --no-sandbox flag:

opera-developer --no-sandbox

To search for other programs that are added to snap:

snap find PROGRAM_NAME

where replace PROGRAM_NAME with actual name of a program.

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