How to check websites for AdSense ban in 2019

There is a lack of reliable services to check whether a web site is banned in Google AdSense.

So, a new online service was created to test AdSense ban for a website. It is actual free service to check sites for Google AdSense ban. It is completely free and it does not required registering, you can check out any domain, site on an AdSense ban.

URL of the online service:

There everything is very simple: enter the domain name - in a moment you get the result.

Suppose I check a couple of sites about which I know for sure that they are banned from AdSense:



Let's see what about the popular torrent tracker:

Banned …

Check my own website:

Well, I already knew that.

I was surprised with the results of checking

So, it is workable, actual, reliable AdSense ban tester, therefore use it!

What about your results from this service, are they accurate enough?

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2 Comments to How to check websites for AdSense ban in 2019

  1. It seems that now is no longer accurate, I just tried some of my sites between those that are banned and those that are not banned. The results of check show all the same domains that I checked are banned even though the site is still installed adsense safely

    • Alex Alex says:

      Hello! You are right, the service is not functional anymore. With the next update it will be removed because I don’t know relevant method to check AdSense ban now.

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