Looking for a job!

I, the author of Miloserdov.org (my name is Alexey), am looking for a job!

Interested in both permanent employment and freelance.

My main knowledge and skills are:

  • Linux OS, Linux administration experience
  • programming, experience in creating web services (PHP, Bash), including based on Linux utilities
  • extensive experience in working with technical documentation

Examples of work/tasks that are closest to me:

  • setup of a Linux web server with installation of necessary programs, CMS, system optimization
  • web server administration
  • transfer web sites to a new hosting, server
  • search for problems of a server and websites, installing software to ensure protection and reduce the risk of attacks
  • writing articles, technical documentation, translation of technical documentation (I am a native Russian speaker)
  • writing a web service code or script to perform routine tasks in OSs

I also have a good learning ability – readiness to work with fundamentally new tasks.

Please send your questions with clarifications and your offers to proghoster@gmail.com.

Please write clearly and in detail. In addition to the essence of the task itself, please specify the amount of payment.

By the way about Miloserdov.org: if companies/organizations are interested in publishing corporate materials/advertising or other forms of cooperation, please contact proghoster@gmail.com.

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