How to install ꓘamerka (kamerka)

Script ꓘamerka 2.0 aka FIST (Flickr, Instagram, Shodan, Twitter) creates interactive maps with icons and pop-ups containing advanced information. These can be camera maps, printer maps, tweet and photo maps for coordinates of interest.

There can be many applications for this: searching for cameras and images in a place of interest to you, observing opinions and images in certain areas, and so on.

To install ꓘamerka (kamerka), run the commands:

git clone
cd kamerka/
sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python3 ./ -h


The API data must be specified in the source code of the file:

###API keys and credentials




#Google Street View

To use the Instagram module, you need to add an additional method to the file. To do this, open the file:

gedit /usr/local/lib/python3.7/dist-packages/InstagramAPI/

and BEFORE the line

def getLocationFeed(self, locationId, maxid=''):

Insert lines:

def geosearchLocation(self, lat, lon):
        return self.SendRequest('location_search/?latitude=' + str(lat)+'&longitude='+str(lon)+'&rank_token=' + self.rank_token)

Save and close the file.

How to use ꓘamerka

Usage: [-h] [--lat LAT] [--lon LON] [--radius RADIUS] [--dark]
                  [--twitter] [--camera] [--flickr] [--instagram] [--printer]
                  [--country COUNTRY] [--rtsp] [--mqtt] [--open]
                  [--first FIRST] [--last LAST] [--recursive]
                  [--elasticsearch] [--host HOST] [--port PORT]


optional arguments:
  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  --radius RADIUS    Radius in km (Default 3)
  --dark             Dark Theme
  --twitter          Twitter module
  --camera           Camera module
  --flickr           Flickr module
  --instagram        Instagram module
  --printer          Printer module
  --country COUNTRY  Find Industrial Control Systems for country. Short code for country: US,IL,RU
  --rtsp             Real Time Streaming Protocol module
  --mqtt             Message Queuing Telemetry Transport module
  --open             Show only open devices
  --first FIRST      First page
  --last LAST        Last page
  --recursive        Recursive mode
  --elasticsearch    Save to ElasticSearch (works only with recursive) mode
  --host HOST        Elasticsearch host
  --port PORT        Elasticsearch port

Required arguments:
  --lat LAT          Latitude
  --lon LON          Longitude

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