WiFi-autopwner: script to automate searching and auditing Wi-Fi networks with weak security

WiFi-autopwner performs:

  • searching Open Wi-Fi network
  • searching and cracking Wi-Fi network with WEP encryption
  • searching WPS enabled Wi-Fi networks and Pixie Dust Attack against them
  • collecting handshakes from every Wi-Fi network in range

You can use any of this action just typing the number of item in menu, or start them all. They all have timeouts so you’ll never be stuck.

Fix for Reaver Errors: WARNING: Failed to associate with

WiFi-autopwner has built-in fix for permanent error “Reaver Errors: WARNING: Failed to associate with” (as described here), so you can try this method if your Wi-Fi adapter is not able to perform Bruteforce PIN attacks.

Bruteforce PIN attack does not have timeout and it is not included in automate audit.


Installation WiFi-autopwner

git clone https://github.com/Mi-Al/WiFi-autopwner.git

Using WiFi-autopwner

sudo bash wifi-autopwner.sh

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7 Comments to WiFi-autopwner: script to automate searching and auditing Wi-Fi networks with weak security

  1. useragenA says:

    Введите цифру, соответствующую выбранному пункту меню: 6
    Проверка возможного решения проблемы "bad FCS (контроля последовательности кадров)" если она существует. Параметризация…
    Поиск Wi-Fi сетей с WPS
    sudo: xterm: command not found
    Number    BSSID               Ch  dBm  WPS  Lck  Vendor    ESSID
    cat: /tmp/wash.all: Нет такого файла или каталога

    • Alex Alex says:
      sudo apt install xterm
      • Алексей says:

        Добрый день.

        Первый запуск программа работала идеально. Найдя пин сразу находила пароль.

        Сейчас может я чего натворил но понять не могу.

        Пин код находит а вот пароль нет…

        Застряет на командах которые прикреплены как изображение


  2. ricky says:

    this script is a so underrated please consider adding "cracking hidden wps enabled ap's" option in the wps section & a macchanger on the fly to your script in future updates

  3. dzarok says:

    Great tool, great job, big man…

  4. Trini says:

    Finally no more typing of commands, just select automated task ….GGGGrrrrrreeeeeeaaaaaaatttttttt work guys, I tried it and it worked great for me

  5. secwiz says:

    I'm having errors running the script, Cant resolve hostname kali and most of the functionallity is missing. It worked a couple of weeks ago, I just built a new amd threadripper and installed kali to the nvme, probably just a case of user error but I cant figure it out all dependencies are installed…

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