w-e-b.site is a mirror of SuIP.biz

Hello, everybody! If you are familiar with the suip.biz web-site (information gathering and hacking tools online) than I have good news for you!

I set up a mirror, it’s address is: w-e-b.site

Features of w-e-b.site:

  • It is located in the USA
  • It is not overwhelmed with my personal tasks (but SuIP.biz is)
  • It is less known, not overloaded, therefore it should work for you faster
  • It is really light – only service tools, no MariaDB, no OpenVPN, no mail software, no other stuff what I use on SuIP.biz
  • It is based on Debian with Kali Linux repository (SuIP.biz is based on Arch Linux + BlackArch repository), so tool versions may differ, tools can work differ as well (better or worse, not sure)
  • At the moment it is free of ads!

Later I will add some widgets and links to articles with additional relevant information and manuals, maybe I will extend tool usage explanation.

I tested, it works ok. If you find some bugs, please report me.

If you like it, please share information about w-e-b.site – I really need it and appreciate it much.

If you want to contribute, you can translate texts of w-e-b.site to your native language – I have idea to make multi-language version. By the way, it needs to be translated even to English (from my broken English). If you want to spend your time for this, please let me know in the comments here.

And, of course, you can support financially: https://w-e-b.site/?act=donation

Or maybe you need VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting? w-e-b.site runs on DigitalOcean, so you can became my referal.

Thanks in advance to everybody who participate in any possible way!

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