IP addresses databases of organizations and geographical places (continents, countries, provinces and cities)

IP addresses of organizations

In addition to Internet service providers (ISPs), IP address ranges are allocated to various organizations whose activities are related to Internet services (hosting, search engines, mobile Internet, social networks), and whose work has other areas (universities, municipal administrations, enterprises, museums and many many others). You can find the full list of organizations that have at least one range of IP addresses on this page: https://w-e-b.site/?act=all-country-ip

This, by the way, is the new online service “Ranges of IP addresses of all organizations”. There are 54963 organizations in this list.

Having passed to the page, in your web browser press Ctrl+f and find the Internet provider of interest to you or any other owner of IP addresses.

This service allows you to collect more complete lists of ranges, or, conversely, more accurate. For example, I am interested in the IP addresses of “Yahoo!”, on the online service page I can find the IP addresses of all departments:

Or I'm interested in Vodafone, which works in many countries:

Using this service, you can notice that on other sites with IP address ranges, part of the IP may be skipped due to a slightly changed spelling of the organization name:

It is also convenient to collect IP of organizations operating under various trademarks, for example, Beeline, which is Vimpelcom as well, which is Veon as well:

It is possible to collect the IP addresses of educational institutions (there are more than 1150 only universities):

Of course, all IPs are displayed in the form of ranges that are convenient for downloading to network scanners.

IP addresses of cities and countries

w-e-b.site already has a service that displays IP addresses for various geographical locations. Its features:

  • up-to-date database updated every month
  • displays ranges of IP addresses in a format convenient for use in network scanners
  • IPv6 address support
  • flexible search

These services still work, but now there is another, more visual version with a hierarchy of geographical points.

New service address: https://w-e-b.site/?act=all-country-ip

Now the data is structured in a hierarchy: continents → countries → regions (provinces) → cities. You can get both the ranges of IP addresses of the country as a whole, and go to a specific area or even to a specific city to download only its IP.

Using it has become quite simple, on the start page you see a list of continents:

You can get a list of all the IPs of the selected continent at once, or you can click on the name of the continent to go to the list of countries that are located on it:

And again, there is a link to all the IP addresses of the country at once, or you can go to the list of regions (regions, provinces) of any of the countries:

When moving to provinces (regions, lands – it is called differently in different countries), you need to remember that some areas may be present in the database twice with slightly different spelling, or in Latin letters and in the national language, for example:

  • Krasnoyarskiy
  • Krasnoyarsk Krai

As usual, you can download all the IP addresses of the region, or go to the list of cities.

Some cities can also be written in national languages, or be present in the database several times with slightly different spelling.

This service has a peculiarity – when choosing a city, the IP addresses of all cities with the same names are displayed (even if they are located on different continents). I know how to fix this and will adjust if there are visitors to the services. Therefore, of course, use and share the link to these new online services.

If you notice bugs in the online services work, for example, for some places or organizations IP addresses are not displayed, then write here in the comments and provide a link to the page with the bug.

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