How to increase TX-Power of Wi-Fi adapters in BlackArch in 2018

Theory about increasing TX-Power of Wi-Fi adapters was already discussed in the article ‘How to increase TX-Power of Wi-Fi adapters in Kali Linux’. There you will find fundamentals of TX-Power increment and the guide, suitable for Kali Linux, and for BlackArch partly.

For BlackArch we will use power of AUR (Arch User Repository). In BlackArch/Arch Linux it is enough to install wireless-regdb-pentest – Central Regulatory Domain Database with txpower/channels modified for pentesters.

First, we start from crda and wireless-regdb installation:

sudo pacman -S crda wireless-regdb

Actually, crda and wireless-regdb is unnecessary, but without them wireless-regdb-pentest installation will fail.

Now we install wireless-regdb-pentest:

git clone
cd wireless-regdb-pentest
makepkg -si

You will be asked:

wireless-regdb-pentest and wireless-regdb conflict. Remove wireless-regdb? [y/N]
wireless-regdb-pentest and crda conflict. Remove crda? [y/N]

It is necessary to select ‘Y’ in both questions.

Reboot your system.

Everything is done!

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  1. muhviehstarr says:

    you forgot to tell about which regions are "boosted"

    greets the regdb-pentest maintainer 😉 

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