How to install VeraCrypt on Linux

VeraCrypt is the successor of the TrueCrypt program. It is designed to encrypt disks and provides very strong security. The program is completely free, the source code is open, the author of the program regularly releases updates that not only fix errors, but also bring new functions and improvements.

Installing VeraCrypt on Linux

VeraCrypt is absent in the standard repositories of some popular Linux distributions. Therefore, without sufficient information, some users may occur with difficulties. This instruction describes the VeraCrypt installation process in Kali Linux, Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Arch Linux and BlackArch.

By analogy, the actions described here can be used for other Linux distributions. In addition to versions under Windows and Linux, there are also versions of VeraCrypt for FreeBSD and Raspbian (Raspberry Pi ARMv7).

Installation using the script

I wrote a script that simplifies installing VeraCrypt on Linux. The script was successfully tested in Kali Linux, Linux Mint, Ubuntu.

To use this script, create the file, for example, as follows:


And copy the following script into it:

The script has built-in help:

sudo bash

The usage information will be displayed:

sudo bash [COMMAND]
[COMMAND] can be:
	install - to install the latest VeraCrypt release
	uninstall - to uninstall VeraCrypt
	check - to check the latest VeraCrypt release

To install VeraCrypt, run the script as follows:

sudo bash install

The script will determine the latest version and download it from the official site.

Next, the script asks:

There are 64-bit and 32-bit releases. Which version do you want to install?
	1 - for 64-bit installation
	2 - for 64-bit installation
Enter number:


There are GUI and CLI releases. Which version do you want to install?
	1 - to install a version with a graphical interface
	2 - to install the console version
Enter number:

After entering the digits, the script will run the required installer:

Click the ‘Install VeraCrypt’ button. A window with a license will open, accept it by clicking on the ‘I accept and agree to be bound by the license terns’ button:

A window with the information for removal will be displayed:

Close this window, after that another console window will open, when all the operations are completed in it, also close it:

Installation is completed. To launch VeraCrypt run:

sudo veracrypt

With the same script you can check the current latest version, and also remove VeraCrypt.

VeraCrypt manual installation

All programs, and especially concerned to security, it is extremely important to download only from official sites.

The official placements of VeraCrypt binary files are:

Download the version for Linux - this is a file with the extension .tar.bz2.

Unzip the downloaded archive. Four new files will be extracted with approximately the following names (the version number may differ):

  • veracrypt-1.21-setup-console-x64
  • veracrypt-1.21-setup-console-x86
  • veracrypt-1.21-setup-gui-x64
  • veracrypt-1.21-setup-gui-x86

x64 and x86 are for 64-bit and 32-bit OS respectively, gui is a graphical interface version, and console is a version with a command line interface. I.e., for example, to run the installation of a 64-bit version with a graphical interface, you need to run the veracrypt-1.21-setup-gui-x64 file.

To start the installer, open the console (command line), drag the desired file there, and add sudo before it to get something like this:

Press ENTER and the installation will begin.

Features of installing the console version of VeraCrypt

The console version of the installation performs in the text interface. In the beginning you need to choose:

If you select the first item, the installation will be performed. If you select the second item, the archive will be extracted.

Next, you need to press Enter to display the license. The license is long, you can use the Space bar to scroll it.

At the very end, you will enter yes, which will confirm the acceptance of the license:

VeraCrypt installation in Arch Linux/BlackArch

Both Arch Linux and BlackArch have VeraCrypt in their repositories, so the installation is extremely simple:

sudo pacman -S veracrypt

This command will install VeraCrypt with a graphical interface. To open the program:

sudo veracrypt

VeraCrypt portable for Linux

For Linux, there is no special archive with a portable version. However, any VeraCrypt installer has options to install or simply unzip the program:

An archive of the form veracrypt _*_ console_amd64.tar.gz or veracrypt _*_ amd64.tar.gz will be extracted to /tmp directory.

The /tmp directory is cleared every time you reboot your system. Therefore, the extracted file must be copied to another folder:

cp /tmp/veracrypt_*_amd64.tar.gz ~/veracrypt.tar.gz

To unzip the archive:

tar xvzf ~/veracrypt.tar.gz

Now the portable version will be available on ~/usr/bin/veracrypt path:

sudo ~/usr/bin/veracrypt

How to simultaneously have VeraCrypt versions with a console and graphical interface in Linux

To have VeraCrypt with different interfaces in you system, you can install one version as a normal program, and you can use the second version as a portable one. Either use both versions as portable.

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